Someday Mighty

So Jotham became mighty because he ordered his ways before Yahweh his God —2 Ch 27:6

For small businesses building Christendom 2.0:
Web design & wordsmithing that turns visitors into customers

N eed a fast, custom website? You’re in the right place. Need help writing content for it? Still in the right place. Need a design that generates sales, rather than oohs and aahs? You’re three for three. Now the kicker…

Want it to be built by someone who loves God’s law — not woke law­lessness?

Bnonn and Smokey investigating the sea-shore Welcome. I’m Bnonn Tennant, and Someday Mighty is the household agency I run with my wife Smokey. As well as being a web designer and copywriter, I’m the infamous co-author of It’s Good To Be A Man: A Handbook For Godly Masculinity (it’s ok, click the link—I designed that site too). Smokey helps with writing and research, is COO (household manager), staff trainer (home educator), and my personal pastry chef.

Websites optimized to convert visitors are our bread and butter. Our focus is simple business sites—if you want ecommerce, you’ll need to look elsewhere. We exclusively create static jamstack websites using frameworks like Astro. This gives us exceptional flexibility, quick development times, and outstanding site performance (= lower bounce rate).

There are two main ways that we help small businesses…

U sually, our site build projects require both design & copy to deliver what our clients expect. After all, there’s no point having a beautiful site if the content is pulled out of some intern’s…hat. And there’s no point having high-converting copy if it’s pasted onto a generic site with no discernible user journey. So we do both:

Developing beautiful, bespoke websites

These are scientifically optimized to generate an ROI by turning visitors into customers. We use our FRODO conversion auditing framework to ensure this. Mostly, this involves:

  • Site aesthetics & brand development
  • Content architecture & layout
  • Coding & deployment

Writing effective messaging & marketing

We create copy, content and campaigns to generate more leads and sales—without breaking the 9th commandment (“thou shalt not bear false witness”). The main parts here are:

  • Value analysis & messaging strategy
  • Web copywriting & content
  • Email marketing & copywriting

A word to the wise about skimping on the messaging part…

T ry to imagine giving a sales presentation using only words from your website. (If you already have a site, we’ll give you a minute to open a new tab and figure how that conversation would sound.)

Business sites should generate a return on investment. They should produce leads and customers. Yet the verbiage on most of them couldn’t sell anyone in real life.

To that end, we always offer messaging & marketing services along with our web design. We start with VAMS—Value Analysis & Messaging Strategy. This is a quick workshop developed during Bnonn’s agency time. It lets us quickly understand, identify, and articulate the 20% of your value that gets you 80% of your results. This equips us to figure out what to say on your website and where, as well as how. Often we will also create email marketing campaigns to support your website and nurture leads.

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