Someday Mighty

So Jotham became mighty because he ordered his ways before Yahweh his God —2 Ch 27:6

About Someday Mighty

S omeday Mighty is the name chosen by Bnonn & Smokey Tennant for their household enterprise. It covers all of the work we do, both individually and together.

We are especially focused on the wordsmithing and web-design. These are our main areas of expertise, and how we serve others, both by doing, and by teaching.

Bnonn and Smokey investigating the sea shore

Who we are

B nonn grew up in the desert wilderness of South Africa, which gave him a fearsome temper; emigrated via biplane at the age of 12 to the jungle island of New Zealand; where he now lives with his ravishing but cetaphobic wife Smokey—herself an escapee from the penal colony of Australia—about 30 miles southwest of Hobbiton, on a small, ramshackle homestead. They have an indeterminate number of children, chickens, and guinea-pigs, and when they aren’t writing or designing something, Bnonn is hunting velociraptors—while Smokey keeps her mind off that by baking cakes and planning her steampunk amusement park.

Obviously this is at best only half true, so to make it up to you, here are seven wholly true things about us:

  1. Bnonn (the B is silent) has a certain but undeserved reputation in the boroughs for being a troublemaker, on account of his work on biblical sexuality and gender roles with the infamous Michael Foster. This is the sort of thing you are better off knowing in advance—if you’re going to run for the hills holding your head and dry-heaving, it’s preferable not to find yourself doing so halfway through a project. Learn more at It’s Good To Be A Man »
  2. Smokey has a certain and deserved reputation in the boroughs as a baker of cakes and other fine goods. She has won several competitions, and once competed against a Master Chef finalist. She makes famously wonderful marshmallows, and has crafted cakes for umpteen weddings. We have often considered monetizing her talents with the oven, but have so far been prevented by absurd government overreach that raises the barrier to entry for “legally” selling food above what most people can afford.
  3. Bnonn once co-founded a marketing agency with a non-believer, and served as the Creative Director there for three years, until he discovered that Christian and non-Christian values are, in the end, incompatible. Don’t ignore 2 Corinthians 6:14; it’s not just about marriage.
  4. Bnonn’s real name is Dominic, and Smokey’s is Sarah. We aren’t deliberately using pseudonyms; they are just old online handles from before we were married. Back then, we were both deep into the geek subculture, and most of the friends we made in real life were met online first. Hence the online handles stuck as permanent nicknames.
  5. Some of the strongest influences on our work include the classic typesetting of old books and posters, wabi-sabi, sprezzatura, home-made snacks, and the California quail.
  6. Although Smokey is not very involved in the copywriting side of our business, she is a talented journalist, having written for several magazines in New Zealand on topics around hospitality, midwifery, and child-rearing. She is also a first-rate humorist. “Your wife is hilarious” is a frequent remark to Bnonn.
  7. We really do live about 30 miles southwest of Hobbiton, although we will be moving to Rotorua to be closer to our church plant, Redwood Reformation Church.

What our name stands for

B ack in the far recesses of time, when Bnonn and Smokey were dating, Smokey was known as Smokey the Magnificent. (The precise reasons for this are lost to history, but likely owed something to her prowess at making snacks.) Bnonn glumly observed that he did not have an equally impressive honorific, so Smokey reassured him that, “Someday, you will be Bnonn the Mighty.”

In view of this anecdote, we have adopted 2 Chronicles 27:6 as our family verse:

So Jotham became mighty, because he ordered his ways before Yahweh his God.

The legacy we work toward is to be known for living well because we order our ways to match God’s ways, regardless of the cost (or profit). Part of living well means serving our neighbors, both by doing, and by teaching. In the pursuit of this, we want to be especially known for the following qualities:

  1. Integrity: loving Truth above reputation, comfort, or relationships.
  2. Shrewdness: knowledge of God’s ways (laws & patterns); and discernment in identifying and implementing these, to live well and exercise dominion over what is ours.
  3. Zeal: a fighting spirit in pursuit of building and guarding worthy things.

Get in touch

T here’s no obligation at this point— you’re just investigating your options. But before you contact us, we should state our own conditions up front.

We don’t work with everyone. There are some people we won’t work with at all—tire-kickers, micro-managers, and scam-artists whose offerings we simply don’t believe in. Conversely, there are some people we especially prefer to work with—primarily Christians who believe in the household as the fundamental unit of society, and who want to rebuild Christendom by rebuilding strong, biblically-ordered households.

With that said, and if you’re not scared off, drop us a line and tell us what you need.

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